Running WiFi example on CY8CPROTO_062_4343W

At Packet Path we have worked on several projects using Cypress WiFi/BT chips. One of the popular chip is 4343W. I am excited that a driver for 4343W is available in mbed. 4343W is the chip that’s on the CY8CPROTO_062_4343W kit. Below are instructions to try out the mbed-os-example-wifi on the kit.

If mbed detect doesn’t detect your board, you would need to get the fw-loader program from:
And run the commad

fw-loader.exe --update-kp3

Import the mbed-os-example-wifi example using . The cool thing about mbed is that this same program will work with other boards that have WiFi module. I had used this previously with an STM32 board

mbed import mbed-os-example-wifi

Configure the SSID and password used to connect, by editing mbed_app.json

drwxr-xr-x   7 venkat  admin   238 Nov  9  2018 wifi-ism43362
(embed) VsMac2: ~/work/pp/pp_dev/mbed/snips/mbed-os-example-wifi : cat mbed_app.json 
    "config": {
        "wifi-ssid": {
            "help": "WiFi SSID",
            "value": "\"VSG1\""
        "wifi-password": {
            "help": "WiFi Password",
            "value": "\"YOUR_PASSWORD\""
    "target_overrides": {
        "*": {
            "platform.stdio-convert-newlines": true

Then compile and load the program to the device using.

mbed compile -f -m CY8CPROTO_062_4343W -t GCC_ARM

Here are some other links that talk about the board.

Logs from compiling are

(embed) VsMac2: ~/work/pp/pp_dev/mbed/try/mbed-os-example-wifi : mbed compile -f -m CY8CPROTO_062_4343W -t GCC_ARM
[mbed] Auto-installing missing Python modules…
[Warning] @,: Compiler version mismatch: Have 7.3.1; expected version >= 6.0.0 and < 7.0.0
Building project mbed-os-example-wifi (CY8CPROTO_062_4343W, GCC_ARM)
Scan: mbed-os-example-wifi
Compile [ 0.1%]: except.S
Compile [ 0.2%]: mbed_tz_context.c
Compile [ 0.3%]: rf_configuration.c
Compile [ 0.5%]: MCR20Drv.c
Compile [ 0.6%]: mbed_fault_handler.c
Compile [ 0.7%]: at24mac.cpp
Compile [ 0.8%]: NanostackRfPhyMcr20a.cpp
Compile [ 0.9%]: AnalogIn.cpp
Compile [ 1.0%]: NanostackRfPhyAtmel.cpp
Compile [ 1.1%]: NanostackRfPhys2lp.cpp

Compile [ 99.1%]: sleep_api.c
Compile [ 99.2%]: cy_usbfs_dev_drv_io_dma.c
Compile [ 99.3%]: rtc_api.c
Compile [ 99.4%]: trng_api.c
Compile [ 99.5%]: pwmout_api.c
Compile [ 99.7%]: serial_api.c
Compile [ 99.8%]: us_ticker.c
Compile [ 99.9%]: spi_api.c
Compile [100.0%]: default_wifi_interface.cpp
Link: mbed-os-example-wifi
Elf2Bin: mbed-os-example-wifi

Total Static RAM memory (data + bss): 26576(+26576) bytes
Total Flash memory (text + data): 555581(+555581) bytes
Image: ./BUILD/CY8CPROTO_062_4343W/GCC_ARM/mbed-os-example-wifi.hex

Logs from the serial console of the device when running the mbed-os-example-wifi.

WiFi example
Mbed OS version 5.12.3
Network: subbs_in secured: WPA2 BSSID: E4:95:6E:41:9f:36 RSSI: -60 Ch: 1
Network: subbs_2GEXT secured: WPA2 BSSID: A0:4:60:2a:1b:c4 RSSI: -23 Ch: 1
Network: secured: WPA2 BSSID: 8A:2A:A8:3:bc:a9 RSSI: -80 Ch: 1
Network: SBG secured: WPA2 BSSID: 80:2A:A8:3:bc:86 RSSI: -63 Ch: 1
Network: SBG secured: WPA2 BSSID: 80:2A:A8:3:bc:a9 RSSI: -76 Ch: 1
Network: subbs_tm secured: WPA2 BSSID: E8:8D:28:60:78:29 RSSI: -52 Ch: 6
Network: ParkPaiz secured: WPA2 BSSID: 10:86:8C:20:9a:6 RSSI: -68 Ch: 6
Network: xfinitywifi secured: No:e Bc6:75 RSSI: -61 Ch: 11
Network: VSGo secured: None BSSID: BC:EE:7B:dd:d3:42 RSSI: -56 Ch: 11
Network: ATT4z5JAX7 secured: WPA2 BSSID: F8:2C:18:70:db:72 RSSI: -91 Ch: 11
13 networks available.
Connecting to VSG1…
MAC: 00:9d:6b:67:53:7e
RSSI: -57
Sending HTTP request to…
sent 58 [GET / HTTP/1.1]
recv 64 [HTTP/1.1 200 OK]